Assessment & Program Review

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Assessment & Program Review

Guided by our mission, the assessment of student learning contributes to KU's commitment to being a data-driven and developmental organization, starting with understanding and enhancing the student experience.  To this end, the goals for assessment and academic program review at KU are:

  • to foster a culture of continuous quality improvement
  • to validate the programs contributions to supporting the University's mission and enhancing student engagement and student learning
  • to identify priorities for resource investment; and
  • to develop a comprehensive understanding of the quality of the program and opportunities for improvement and innovation

Purposeful assessment efforts take place throughout the institution allowing units to review their strengths, consider additional areas for improvement and ascertain strategic goals and priorities.

Formal assessment practices at KU happens at several levels:

Institutional Learning Goals 

Academic Program Review 


Learning Outcomes Assessment 


For questions about assessment and assessment-related activities, contact Gina Wyant.

For questions about academic program review, contact Kristine Latta.


Links to Submit AY 23-24 Assessment Materials (Due February 23, 2024)