Learning Outcomes Assessment

Learning Outcomes Assessment

The assessment of student learning outcomes is an ongoing faculty-led process of inquiry that leverages evidence to improve our courses, degree programs, and general education curriculum.

Since 2019, assessment practices at KU have been reinvigorated and formalized to:

  • Include all programs (e.g. on-ground at all locations; online; undergraduate; graduate).
  • Ensure that academic departments and programs have developed clearly articulated learning outcomes aligned to institutional learning goals.
  • Curricular maps are focused on efficient pathways for students.
  • Establish annual assessment of student learning in the general education curriculum.
  • Establish comprehensive degree-level assessment to inform Academic Program Review.
  • Develop four-year assessment plans devoted to the continuous review and improvement of student learning incorporating an annual report of progress.
  • Establish the University Assessment Council, a centralized assessment body to oversee formal assessment processes for undergraduate and graduate programs at the degree-level, KU Core 34, and co-curricular units.

This systematic and thoughtful consideration of the learner pathway throughout a KU student’s educational journey is fundamental to the university’s commitment to enhancing academic quality and student success. Focused and intentional assessment of student learning outcomes is interwoven within this journey through KU’s institutional learning goals, co-curricular programming, KU Core 34, and degree-level assessment at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Institutional Learning Goals 

Learn more about KU’s Institutional Learning Goals for all graduates.

Co-curricular Assessment 

Learn more about co-curricular assessment at KU.

KU Core 34 

Learn more about KU’s general education program KU Core 34.

Degree-Level Assessment 

Learn more about the degree-level assessment activities taking place at KU.

Resources, Workshops & Events 

KU’s Center for Teaching Excellence has developed a plethora of best practices and strategies for faculty for writing learning outcomes, developing assessment plans, evaluating evidence, sharing assessment findings, and continuous learning improvement.

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